Jair – Esoterica

Attaining the highest degree of esoterica requires extraordinary expansion on the building blocks of a simple yet highly diverse genetic makeup. The attributes to follow are an unique mixture of exquisite ingredients including the ability to possess superior knowledge granted of a select few; dynamically inverse, reverse, intertwine and acutely explode all matter of sound byte information, normally stemming from the monologue and dialogue of the common man; dissect and interpret the impossible whilst swiftly and erratically scaling the dynamic layers of the soft and tragic to the highly peculiar and enigmatic. A triumph is ever near, though we mourn the loss of our own. We never forget the loss of our own. This life of the unexplainable, leaves me only to return the greatest of love I can offer. Each composition must be a journey and each note plays a vital role like obedient pawns pioneering a sonic trail. This journey, for me, delves deeply into the brilliant, enigmatic, caring and wonderful mind of my dear friend.

You are ever loved.

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