Eleanor Drive

A jaunt down the road was nothing short of an endless journey for a young boy.
An overwhelming anticipation overcomes the deepest sleep as he awakes to the road in his dreams. Engulfed in the euphoric enchantment of a warm breeze and eucalyptus trees, he shares a smile with his Dad and awaits 461. The magical driveway is longer than ever and the slow arrival is always greeted by her soothing smile. Bursting out of the car, a renewed energy is fueled by the savor of star jasmine and a special love he forever shares with her. As night falls and the clock ticks, the dim amber lights bring comfort and rest. In the distance, a soft and melancholy piano is ever present. Ever at ease, he falls into his deepest of sleep.

I hope somehow in heavenly realms, you can hear my heart in the final passage of this song…I will always hold these memories dear and remember you and your love.
I love you, Jeruel.

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