Dad – Iconic Live

The year 2018 is upon us as we progress into regression. The violent and frenetic pace of life continues to take its toll on sacred values we once held dear Fortifying our continued archaic state of being. The greatest atrocities we hurl onto mankind is the quenching of the dynamic life. The dynamic life – violently and frenetically driven by eloquence – elegance – philosophy – theology and a powermad thirst for knowledge – is laid waste by mankind’s regression in holding these sacred values dear. I was shown by a living legend the necessity of dynamics. Meaningless conversation is futile…Meaningless vision or strategy such as in chess – where even the mightiest begin with such a small seed in the humble pawn – meaningless movement will decimate a man without a proper foundation and the critical ability to strike at the right time….in the form of music….if you have something to say – with proper dynamics – one can expose every morsel of their soul – allowing a sanctuary for whom it is meant…a sacred temple where we meet – need not to converse – but allow mere tones  the honor of storytelling….A boy tells this story of his father – his teacher – his guide…intertwined is the harmony and the dissonance – the adventure and the solitary – the schooling and the nurturing – the love and the longing – the call and the answer.

This is a portrait of my Dad – Iconic….


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