Je Schneider - About

We have reached the day our ancestors feared as the rapid succession of human communication in socializing is upon us in its most pure form of sterility and unoriginality.

Though before all ancestors, was God. God knew human talk would never attain the divine, thus, he gave us music.

 I believe that in all we do, we must provide movement.

My approach in writing is assuming the listener wants to be moved as I do when I listen to an artist. Through my compositions, I want to travail the depths of one’s inner imaginations and secrets and maybe hit a dormant nerve here and there as we reach a land that maybe we’ve never ventured. Our time here is short and providing something as unique and as organic to one’s true inherent art form is quite critical ~ lest we continue in the sterility mentioned in the quote above. My hope is to move you and leave you with something memorable rather than fruitless and forgettable sounds.

I believe in hard work with a final product that breaks the barriers of what the producer initially envisioned. siteabout3Please feel free to contact me at